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Bosch Home Appliances

From handy appliance guides, cleaning tips to do-it-yourself culinary recieps, experience our take on practical home living here.
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Solar Water Heater

Top products of solar water heaters are offered at Sapthagiri Enterprises, the company which manufacture and supplies premium products for all models of solar water.
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Solar Roof-top Solutions

Every organization requires uninterrupted power the difference lies in how they meet their requirements. Cost is not the only concern.
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Bosch Heat Pump

HPWH Value Propositions are Strong safety & reliability, Low environmental impact High comfort. HPWH is suitable for Individual houses.
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Experience Bosch Home Appliances

No matter what, no matter when: Service is our quality. The home appliance service from Bosch.

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Kithchen Appliances

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