Hybrid Solar Water Heater System

Hybrid Solar Water Heater System

Bosch is the leader in Design, Development, Manufacture and Marketing of complete Solar Hot Water generator systems, Hybrid Solar Water Heater. Bosch Solar is in a unique position of being able to supply totally integrated systems comprising of major components viz; Solar collectors, Insulated Steel Storage Tank, Sacrificial Anode, Pumps and Pump Control Panel manufactured in-house or to our specifications. We have evolved a philosophy embracing the “German design concepts “which ensures optimum reliability and life expectancy, a policy borne out by the performance of collaborator systems worldwide.

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Bosch SOLAR – THERMAL Systems-wide spectrum of applications are,

  • Hot water for Laundry, Cleaning, Bathing and other
  • Industrial Applications :
    • Boiler Feed, Claening & Washing
  • Hotels:
    • Hot water for Bathing, Cleaning, Washing, Laundry and for swimming pool heating
  • Educational Institutions :
    • For Bathing, Cleaning and Washing.
  • Hospitals :
    • Washing, Cleaning, Bathing and Sterilisation.
  • Dairies :
    • Washing cans & cattle and for Boiler feed water.

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