Industrial RO Systems

Mineral Water Plants

Water Treatment System finds application in meeting the demands of effective filtration of impurities as well as chemicals that are present in water and thus restoring the water quality standards and make it fit for particular usage in given applications.

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Pentair Reverse Osmosis

The RO System works on the principle of Reverse osmosis, also known as hyper-filtration. One of the finest techniques for treating water , reverse osmosis which eliminates contaminants from water thus making it fit for drinking purpose and other commercial and industrial applications.

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Industrial RO Systems

Industrial reverse osmosis system plant is best suited for small and large scale industries. This type of reverse osmosis plant can be configured easily as per the individual requirements of output water Depending upon the contamination level of water, the RO plant itself selects the most suitable membrane configuration to provide a plant which gives a low water-rejection rate.


  • The input stream water is first passed through Pressure sand filter Unit
  • Removal of suspended matters and turbidity from water
  • Filtered water is then passed through activated carbon filter
  • Color, odor, chlorine, oil& grease get removed from raw water
  • For removing micron sized particle, the water is then passed through micron cartridge filter
  • The purified water is then stored in a storage tank with disinfection units

Technical Specifications

  • 50 to 2000 Liter per Hour capacity
  • Output TDS: 10-50 ppm (input water with TDS levels under 600 ppm)
  • Pressure: 20 psi – 60 psi Free Chlorine: < 1 ppm Temperature: 35 F – 85 F Silt Density Index: 5 (max) PH: 5.8 – 10 Silt Density Index: 5 (max) Electrical: 1/ 3 phase, 220-230/440Volts AC supply Turbidity: 1 NTU (max) Percentage ionic rejection >96%
  • Percent recovery 50-75%

Applications Areas

  • Effluent and wastewater purification
  • Food processing industry
  • Car washing
  • Hydrogen production
  • Fruit syrup production
  • Beverage industries

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