Iron Removal Filters

Water Softening Systems

Water is Life. It nourishes life but it can disturb it too. When water is soft at heart, it fills life with freshness. But when water becomes hard, everyday simple household work becomes a nightmare.

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Activated Carbon filters

Carbon filters are very effective at removing a number of deleterious chemicals, reports the Home Water Purifiers and Filters site.

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Pressure Sand Filters

Pressure Sand Filters offered by us is used for water purification processes for different types of water like river water, lake water, bore well water filtration and others.

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Iron Removal Filters

Removing iron and/or manganese from water supplies can be accomplished by a variety of means, depending on the amount of material to be removed, whether both iron and manganese are present. Iron and manganese in groundwater supplies are typically present as dissolved substances. As the water is exposed to atmosphere, some of the iron and manganese are oxidized and become suspended solids. Simple exposure to atmosphere, however, is not generally sufficient to achieve effective removal. Iron removal filters are primarily used to remove iron impurity from utilities and drinking water.


  • Made with FRP / Composite Structural Pressure Vessels
  • Automatic Fleck filtration valves
  • All Major types of equipment like pressure vessels, valves manufactured in-house


  • Fraction of the cost of competitive iron treatment systems
  • Easy to replace cartridge – no media regeneration required!
  • NO backwashing required!
  • Effective over a wide pH range
  • Also treats manganese and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell)
  • Does not add harmful bi-products to your drinking water
  • Prevents staining of laundry and plumbing system
  • Relatively long filter life – cost effective long-term operation


  • Injecting an oxidizing agent into the water (such as sodium hypochlorite and/or potassium permanganate)
  • Aerating the water, followed by detention in a holding tank
  • Removal of Iron impurities from utilities and drinking water applications for buildings and light industrial applications
  • Pretreatment to other water treatment plants

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